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Soup & Salad

:: Soup


 Tasty coconut soup with galangal, lime kaffir leaves, mushroom, onion, cherry tomato, and fresh coriander.


 Traditional Thai spicy creamy soup with lemon juice, mushroom, cherry tomato, galangal, lime kaffir leaves and lemon glass.


 Spicy clear hot & sour soups with mushroom, onion, dry chilli mint and tomato.

*Please choose a choice of meat for you soup
*Chicken or Vegetable                
*Mixed Seafood           




:: Salad

17. SOM THUM SALAD                   £11.95

  Traditional Thai salad with green papaya, Thai chilli, long bean, cherry tomato, lemon juice, fish sauce, plum sugar, peanut and dry shrimp.

18. YUM TALAY                            £11.95

  Prawns and squid mixed with Thai spicy dressing, celery, spring onion and coriander.

19. KANOK THAI BEEF SALAD            £14.95

 Grilled sirloin steak mixed with tomato, mint, celery, cucumber, onion and Thai spicy dressing.

20. GLASS NOODLE SALAD              £13.95

 Clear glass noodle mixed with minced chicken, prawns, squid, onion, coriander, bell pepper and Thai spicy dressing.

21. TOFU SALAD (V)                        £7.50

 Deep fried bean curd mixed with cashew nut, soy sauce, lemon juice, tomato, onion, celery, cucumber and a hint of Thai fresh chilli.

23. LAAB ESARN                            £8.95

 Minced CHICKEN or PORK cooked with hot and sour dressing.

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