Fish & Grill

:: Fish

41. PLA  RAD PHICK                           £15.50                 

  Crispy whole fish topped with spicy tamarind sauce.

42. PLA CHU-CHEE                            £15.50   

  Deep fried whole fish served with dry red curry sauce.

43. PLA TORD KRA TIEM                      £15.50

  Deep fried whole fish topped with garlic sauce.

44. SWEET AND SOUR FISH                   £15.50  

  Deep fried whole fish topped with Thai Style sweet and sour sauce.

45. PLA TORD KANG SOM              £16.95  

  Thai special vegetables curry topped with deep fried whole fish. Very authentic.

46. FISH WITH LEMON &CHILLI         £15.50    

  Steamed whole fish with fresh garlic, chilli, and lemon.

47. PLA NUNG SE-EW                   £15.50      

  Steamed whole fish with soy sauce, onion, mushroom, mushroom, ginger and celery.

48. FISH WITH THAI HERBS             £15.50

  Steamed whole fish with lemon glass, galangal and lime kaffir leaves topped with special sauce.

:: Grill

49. GRILL CHICKEN                    £7.50

  Marinated boneless chicken thigh in Thai styles.

50. GRILL BEEF                        £7.95

  Beef sirloin marinated in home-made sauce.

51. GRILL PRAWNS                   £7.95

  Marinated king prawns in Thai special sauce. Served with chilli sauce.

52. GRILL MIXED SEAFOOD         £12.95

  Marinated king prawns, squid and mussels. Served with chilli sauce.